A Story of Enterprise IT:

Enterprise IT

Spock: Captain, Klingon Bird of Prey de-cloaking off the port side
Kirk: Mr Sulu, ready photon torpedos
Sulu: Captain, there’s a problem,
Kirk: What Mr Sulu?
Sulu: Well during our last refit the torpedos were upgraded to the mk. 7 models,
Kirk: Yes yes man,
Sulu: Well I don’t have the mk. 7 launcher client installed on my console,
Kirk: Well install it now man, that Klingon ship is about to blow us to oblivion.
Sulu: Its not that simple captain, I no longer have admin rights,
Kirk: So how are you meant to get it then?
Sulu: Well now I have to raise a software asset request to Starfleet IT
Kirk: How long will that take?
Sulu: Well sir we’re well out of comms range of a Starfleet Admiral with the appropriate approval rights,
Kirk: Well just tell IT its an emergency and we’ll get the approval when we return to space dock
Sulu: I don’t think that will help captain.
Kirk: Why Sulu?
Sulu: They outsourced the software installation work to a colony on Bringloid V they still have a 4 year SLA….
Kirk: What the……
Sulu: The good news is that one year on Bringloid V is only about 18 earth hours, so we should be able to get an emergency change raised in about 3 days….


Hat Tip to Alastair Somerville, and Mike Ellis for the twitter conversation that gave me the idea

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